Central, yet tranquil:
modern architecture in a unique courtyard setting

When the sun breaks through the clouds, the new- build in the rear courtyard on Urbanstrasse is resplen- dent in all its glory: the light reflects on the bronze façade, immersing the luxuriant green courtyard in a soft glow.

This calming atmosphere is enhanced by trees, shrubs and lots of plants. Muffled sounds from the big city filter through the narrow passageway from the street outside and into the courtyard. Outside, Kreuzberg life goes on, while inside, the residents luxuriate in the tranquillity of this courtyard location.18 apartments, each with two to four rooms, are housed in the modern staggered building. With variable sizes of between 45 and 151 m2, they offer the prerequisites for a variety of living styles and situations – for everyone from single households and couples to families.

  • The bronze cladding and lush greenery contribute to the unique atmosphere and immerse the courtyard in light.
The Architecture

A modern refuge in the bustling metropolis

Tucked away in a courtyard, only accessible through a narrow passageway: This modern new-build at Urbanstrasse 94 A is well hidden by the existing developments surrounding it, which is why the architects from Arad-Zareh in Berlin have opted for a real architectural show- stopper: with the impressive steel-clad structure, set back every two floors, they have created an exciting contrast to the surrounding buildings. The bronze-coloured metal cladding forms an elegant counterpoint to the surrounding plainer façades around it – and ensures interesting plays of light and colour. Depending on how the light falls, the different elements change their appearance and conjure exciting reflec- tions. Lavish landscaping, including trees, shrubs and roof-top greenery, contrib- utes to the exquisite atmosphere. The result is a unique retreat in the middle of the German capital.
  • 18
  • 45 - 151 m²
    Living space
  • 2 - 4

    Spacious, open plan and with three private outdoor areas, the penthouse is a true gem complete with views of the surrounding greenery.
The Apartments

Contemporary elegance and all the modern comforts

Well thought-out floor plans, generously proportioned open-plan kitchens, underfloor heating, elevators and balconies or terraces for every unit: Urbanstrasse 94 A fulfils all the needs of modern city living. 18 apartments between 45 and 151 m2 with two to four rooms enable elegant living of the highest standard.

White plastered walls, ceiling heights of 3 metres and oak parquet flooring exude a warm atmosphere. And the ceiling-height doors, modern bath- rooms and anthracite-coloured win- dow frames boast a contemporary elegance. The interiors are in perfect harmony with the dazzling façade of the new build, leaving no wishes unfulfilled. A comfortable retreat that appeals to singles, couples of all ages and families in equal measure.
  • 1
  • 14
  • 3
    Ground-floor apartment

    Located on the ground floor with a private garden and direct access to the communal areas and playground, these three apartments are perfect for families or wheelchair users.

    The floor-to-ceiling windows create a modern, spacious feel.

    Open floor plans in variable sizes and attractive fittings make the apartments the ideal place to live for singles, couples and families.
At a glance

Inviting ambience: comfortable, elegant and contemporary at the same time

Underfloor heating / Remote heat / Wohnküchen / Storage area for every apartment / Intercom system with video / Ceiling-height doors / Wooden parquet flooring / White plastered walls / Sliding doors in some rooms / Elevator / Bicycle parking in basement / Communal courtyard area / Landscaped courtyard / Playground in courtyard / Rooftop landscaping / Impressive entrance area / Innovative façade design / Central refuse storage facility
  • UNIT
    • Unit 01
    • GF
    • 2
    • 46,85 m²
    • 330.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 02
    • GF
    • 3
    • 84,52 m²
    • 590.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 03
    • GF
    • 4
    • 119,11 m²
    • 830.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 04
    • 1F
    • 2
    • 45,41 m²
    • 348.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 05
    • 1F
    • 3
    • 63,90 m²
    • 485.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 06
    • 1F
    • 4
    • 101,43 m²
    • 810.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 07
    • 2F
    • 2
    • 45,55 m²
    • 358.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 08
    • 2F
    • 3
    • 63,94 m²
    • 494.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 09
    • 2F
    • 4
    • 101,45 m²
    • 820.000 €
    • Reserved
    • Unit 10
    • 3F
    • 2
    • 45,54 m²
    • 363.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 11
    • 3F
    • 2
    • 50,86 m²
    • 425.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit12
    • 3F
    • 3
    • 89,97 m²
    • € 740.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 13
    • 4F
    • 2
    • 45,54 m²
    • 368.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 14
    • 4F
    • 2
    • 45,77 m²
    • 373.000 €
    • Reserved
    • Unit 15
    • 4F
    • 3
    • 84,87 m²
    • 692.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 16
    • 5F
    • 2
    • 45,54 m²
    • 378.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 17
    • 5F
    • 4
    • 105,71 m²
    • 915.000 €
    • Available
    • Unit 18
    • Penthouse
    • 4
    • 151,14 m²
    • 1.385.000 €
    • Reserved
The Location

In the heart of it all

Multicultural, alternative and unpretentious: The area where Kreuzberg meets Neukölln (known locally as Kreuzkölln) has burgeoned into a trendy neighbour-hood – exciting, young and innovative with a vibrant cultural and restaurant scene. Founders, creatives, artisans and digital natives appreciate the central location, excellent infrastructure, good public transport connections and plentiful green spaces. All attributes that also apply to the nearby Graefekiez.

    Good food and delicious drinks are served up at the food stalls in this historic market hall.

    Art showcased in a church by Johann König, “The popstar among the gallery owners” (FAZ).

    An absolute must for fans of traditional Japanese ramen noodles in Kreuzberg.

    A green belt with views of the water: The Landwehrkanal is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Entspannung pur.

    Enjoy your breakfast or delicious coffee and cake against an industrial backdrop.

    Ashtanga yoga taught by professionals in a bright and airy loft on Hermannplatz

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